Prejudice and Discrimination

In today’s society, we live in a world of complex issues. We are facing the difficult decisions in every day life’s tribulations. In particular, America has been plagued by prejudice and discrimination.

Oppression has been defined as the following:

*It is institutional power that is historically formed and perpetuated over time;

*It allows certain “groups” of people to assume a dominate position over “other groups” and this dominance is maintained and continued at an institutional level.

This means discrimination is built into the branches of government and education systems.

In the last two hundred years, great strides have been made in order to create equality amongst the many different minorities that inhabit our great country. Periods such as the Civil rights movement have been successful in reducing the amount of oppression, but have failed in creating equality for all races. For example, white Americans’ still have the overwhelming control of all aspects of our society.

So in conclusion, racial oppression has played a major role in shaping America today. Although progress has been made to eradicate this from society it still remains one of the most important issues today. Only through education and informing the public can we totally overcome this atrocity.


Edmund S. Evensen


Resources: The Washington, Power, Privilege, and, What states can do to stop racial discrimination by Hans A. Von Spakovsky and Roger Clegg. 

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