History Of Acceptance

This world is challenging in so many different ways. We still we go on our life journey, and we depend on society to see the way. In particular, society’s acceptance of gays is evolving, like all the new scientific research and taking out all the school biases. It’s becoming easier to keep peace in our world. We, as a society, can work together to show that the world isn’t as bad a place as the Westburrow Baptist Church tends to preach.

    Biases in our schools on same sex marriage can vary. There was a change in our public schools to completely take religion out because it created too much hatred and too many biases. America was created for freedom of religion. However, there’s also a side saying America was founded on Christianity. There are private schools built for religious beliefs, which really cause separation of our people and makes hatred in America. However the laws of freedom also make it so those places can exist.

    The science behind homosexuality can vary in so many different ways, and it’s argued in so many different ways. There is the idea that people were raised gay, and then there’s the people who believe it’s a science. I believe its science. In 1991, Simon LeVay studied the brains of homosexuals and the brains of heterosexuals, and discovered that a side of the heterosexual’s brain is larger than a homosexual’s brain, so there’s been scientific research that helps prove that homosexuals are born the way they are.

     As we all know there are a lot of different churches in America, some that hate the world some that think we’re all crazy and some that think that god hates the world. Researchers estimate that there are approximately 300,000 Christian churches in America with approximately 56 million worshipers. The bible mainly states that if you don’t believe in god the exact perfect way, that you are going to go to a horrible place with demons, fire, and suffer forever, but there is that percentage of the rest of the world that understand the world is a better place.

    The moral of this essay is that America was founded on freedom and change. Our founding fathers wanted Americans to be happy and live in a world with less hatred. Slowly but surely we’re moving to a free and equal world.

Joshua Lancaster

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