Foster Care 

For many years foster children have had hard times to make it where they are known. Many run away or are from abusive familes. They choose to run to this association for help. Many foster children do great with another family others cause problems. Only 10% of foster children graduate from college.

In the history of foster care, it has changed millions of children’s lives. In the year 1562, they started laws that made these kids into indentured servants. The first foster kid (Benjamin Eaton) found homes for children who were sleeping in the streets of New York in the year 1636. Later on in the 1900s the association began to supervise the families and the children.

Foster homes are supportive and providing to the people who need help. The association helps find homes and families for the people who need them the most. The main support is achieving safety, performance and the wellbeing for the youth. Many homes are a shaky foundation for loss, despair, confusion, that make children leave. Foster care has a deep understanding in its ground breaking performance.

The solutions to these problems is to provide a safe, stable, nurturing environment for youth. The working process of this association has different rules and regulations and procedures to follow.  The solutions to changing the challenge with young adults is to have a adequate, appropriate, and caring support.

My opinion about foster care is it helps change people’s lives. It shows that they are supportive in everything possible. They give teens a reason to believe so they can have a better life. Millions of foster kids are here in the world and don’t know where to go for support. This association will help people and give them better life’s.

Lauren Ross

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