Animal Cruelty


In my opinion I think animal cruelty is abusive. Studies have shown people who abuse animals are likely to become serial killers. Animal abuse is related to other types of abuse–1 in 4 women are victims of domestic violence. Also in shelters 71% of women reported their partner threatened to hurt or kill the family pet.

Animal advocacy started with the Royal Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals which was founded in 1824. It began with a man named Richard Martin who wanted to give domestic animals protection.  He started this foundation because he said “animals have certain rights”. He was a very passionate man.

Second, Animal abuse results from people with traumatic childhood. Patterns of animal cruelty consistent among perpetrators of common forms of abuse such as child abuse, spouse abuse and elder abuse. Also the F.B.I. analyzed that serial killers have killed or tortured animals and kids. It makes it worse because animal cruelty is not inherent, but learned.

Finally, some solutions that are possible are education campaigns, and teach a child while they are still young on how to treat an animal. Lack of education is a big problem. Also stress, anxiety, and boredom lead to people engaging in inappropriate behavior.

In conclusion, Everyone that abuses animals or children should get mental help. Society should care about this because we need a better world and peace. In other countries it is legal to slaughter animals for the meat industry. This is very inhumane and we should all try to find a solution for that.

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