To Lead Out of Child Abuse 

We live in a complex world that suffers from a large reported number of child abuse cases. Child abuse is a growing problem in the nation. We could lead out of child abuse with better care and further studies in education.

Child abuse has a lengthy history. Children have been subject to abuse by their parent’s or other adult’s for many years. Laws have failed to protect children from abuse. In the early 1870’s, child abuse captured the nation’s eyes with the new of an eight year old orphan names Mary Ellen Wilson. Mary Ellen was suffering daily whippings and beatings at her foster home. With no organization in existence the orphan’s plight went to an attorney for the “American society for the prevention of cruelty to animals”, also known as (ASPCA). This attorney argued that laws protecting animals from abuse should not be greater than the laws protecting children. In 1974, the nation made a federal law to penalize child abuse and create the prevention and treatment act also known as (CAPTA). Child abuse in America today is more common each year. More than three million reports of child abuse are made which involve almost six million children, and each day four to five children are killed by abuse and neglect.

Circumstances that make child abuse worse are children whose parents abuse alcohol and drugs. Children are three times more likely to be abused and four times more likely to be neglected. Another factor that affects the problem is parenting stress. Examples of parenting stress could be post-partum depression, economic stability, or divorce/ relationship stress. All these problems could put both child and parent in dangerous situations. Malnourishment is a type of abuse caused by the neglect of the guardian/parent. Another form of abuse that often goes unnoticed is mental abuse. Not all abuse that happens to children has to be physical. A solution that could help stop child abuse is to have more education and awareness. By becoming more educated you are aware with what is happening and notice the problem. Parenting classes could help parents learn more about their child, what to expect and how it’s normal for children to act out in certain ways. Other things that could help is for a parent with substance abuse problems to seek assistance through AA meetings, or other rehabilitation services. The most effective solution could be to set more powerful laws and punishment so that offenders know the justice system is serious and not going to let them go with a slap on the wrist. With all these solutions, child abuse can soon be eradicated from the nation and with the help and focus of every one we can lead out of child abuse. Child abuse is an important problem to have concern about because children are going to be the feature leaders and make a better country. They are the brains to build a new world and create a better living environment. We are their role models. If we teach them nothing but abuse and hate, they will grow to learn that is the only way in life. Child abuse is awful because children are innocent and cannot speak for themselves. As a nation we need to stand up and be advocates for the youth and lead out of the barbaric acts of hate towards children.





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