Tropes Against Women: Leading Out of Oppression in Media

Education means to lead out of not knowing to knowing. Women in video games (and in general) have been treated Inferior and or Object of Sexual desire. It’s a reoccurring theme in history and media. Education of this problem can lead to Gender Equality and overall acceptance of others and their differences.
Female Oppression has been around in one form or another. In the earliest civilizations sex was seen as sinful some men felt animosity toward women who provoked their sexual desires. Female oppression stems from when women were considered a property or commodity. In parts of the Middle East women are still seen as property. (1)
In the earliest video games women were seen as “Damsels in Distress” or objects. Occasionally women are still portrayed as weaker, sexual objects, or carbon copies of established male characters. In more recent years,  games have been more open to the idea of” girl gamers ”by including more Playable Female Characters in videogames, but in  an ensemble cast there is often a small handful of playable female characters, that are often oversexualized (Armor/Clothing, Body Figure) (2,4)
There are no easy solutions to this ongoing problem, but there are possible solutions, like including more women into the creative process. Some have proposed “Equal Opportunity Sexual Objectification” as a possible solution (Mostly as a Joke). But others have suggested a more diverse range of Playable Female Characters (Body type, ethnicity and background).  Anita Sarkeesan has been at the forefront of gender equality in media, she has a web series, “Tropes vs Women” out lining the reoccurring tropes against women in media. (2,3,4)
Unfortunately this seems to be an ongoing problem that has no clear cut answer, but as long there are people shining a light to this problem, it will start a conversation about gender equality and how people should be viewed and/or portrayed. In the end People should be treated as equals regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation. (3)


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