Gang Activity and Street Violence

My topic is the history on gang activity and street violence. Violent crimes occur in all cities throughout the United States. 1.4 million people were involved in gangs that started in 2011, and more than 33,000 gangs formed all over the United States. Gangs started in urban areas, like Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, and New York. Throughout time, they migrated to other American cities. Violent crimes have continued for a long time. They are not going to stop. Once a gang member gets ranked into that family, that individual has to learn every aspect of living in the streets. He learns how to survive, how to protect his friends’ back, and of course how to make drug deals get organized correctly. Another important task is gangsters have to tag their gang name on buildings, walls, etc, and most importantly, they must advertise to the public worldwide. The solution people can do is assist, or respectfully convince that certain person to get involved in counseling. A parent can also spend quality time with their teenage child, and of course talk to him or her, explaining in a caring manner there is better hobbies to do to succeed in life.

 Augustine Qiunonez

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