Field Trip: UNM-Taos Digital Media Arts

So what’s with the big, green screen? Students from TECC’s Reading and Writing for Career Pathways Class learned about the art and science of video production at UNM-Taos Digital Media Arts on Wednesday (April 5). Their visit was part of a class on media literacy.

Enrico Trujillo, a multi-media service specialist, not only gave the ins and outs of digital production, he led a hands-on lesson.

Trujillo directed five student volunteers in a few scenes in front of the green screen. He explained that the screen’s color will enable him to replace it with another background via the computer. In this case, the students would be going on a safari rather than acting inside the studio.

Other TECC students manned the camera, monitored sound and held the microphone.

Trujillo instructed the students to act in three clips: wandering in a park, looking startled, and then running for their lives. “Then we’re going to have a surprise animal,” he said.

Later Trujillo used computer technology to replace the green screen background with an image of a savannah in Africa — and a lion that appeared to be chasing the students.

Students also got a lesson in using the teleprompter when speaking in front of the camera.

Thanks to Enrico Trujillo and UNM-Taos Digital Media Arts for the lesson.

ABOUT THE PHOTO ABOVE: Enrico Trujillo demonstrates how he uses the computer to edit the short video.