The Evolution of Drag by Jojo Ortiz

The Evolution of Drag

by Jojo Ortiz


Drag has been around for a very long time it originated due to the fact that women were not aloud to perform. the parts of women were played by young men and also in the kabuki dances of japan men are dressed as women. Drag slowly evolved to be one of the most sought out entertainment through the 1900’s till the 1920’s this was called the pansy craze, through this time drag performers flourished.

         At the end of the pansy craze drag was not so in fashion as it use to be. Drag performers had to pass as actual women and go in to underground clubs.Drag has slowly evolved from Divine to Dame Edna to Rupaul. Now Drag has gone mainstream thanks to hit tv show Rupaul’s Drag Race and other subcategory drag shows like Dragula hosted by the Brulett brothers.

       Now there are different sub-categories such as bearded drag queens, fishie queens(fem), manly queens, dramatic(original) drag, monster drag, etc.. After all Drag is art and art is subjective! Drag has indeed become a popular source of entertainment  and now your makeup skills have to be more than good if you want to compete in competitions because not only do they judge you on your makeup and hair but your drag persona who you’re portraying, and how you move on the stage you have to know how to lipsync. You have to know how to make the people laugh and you could make it a living by getting booked at local clubs. Drag is slowly becoming more and more popular and by my guess will be the biggest source of entertainment since the pansy craze.


This is RuPaul Charles Star of RuPaul’s Drag Race, she is now a multi-millionaire because she Slayed her way to the top.

      This is Sharon Needles Winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 4.

This is Bob The Drag Queen winner of season 8.

This is Sasha Velour winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 9, she taught us that bald is beautiful. The people who do drag do it for a reason, and that reason varies from being abandoned to being empowered it just depends on the person and were they came from.

The Evolution of Drag by Jojo Ortiz