Evolution of Basketball by Brandon Mccarson

Basketball has been originated for almost one hundred thirty years. Basketball can be an entertaining sport for some, but not for all. A man named James Naismith was very involved with the origination of basketball. Springfield College was the first university with a basketball team.

James Naismith, is known as the man who originated the sport of basketball. Naismith is a graduated from college in montreal with a degree in theology. After only being a two year graduate, Naismith began showing the passion he had for athletics, as that passion led him to being named to the teaching faculty at Springfield college. At the time, the athletic program of the university was under a relatively unknown academic discipline,under a man named Luther Halsey Gulick. Students were required to stay in shape and perform physical activities while Football and warmer sport seasons were not around, but students weren’t quite motivated with the activities they were doing in class. Gulick assigned Naismith to come up with a new, fun, indoor activity for the students to do in the off-season.

Naismith went to work. His main focus was to create a game that is easy to understand, but somewhat complex to be entertaining. It had to be playable indoors or on any type of ground. It also required multiple players be play at once as well as give the students the exercise they were required to have. The game could not be rough in a confined space due to a threat of many broken bones and bruises.This new game became an adaption of other games of this time, American rugby, which involved passing,  English rugby, which involved the jump ball,  Lacrosse, which involved the use of a goal, and Soccer, which involved the shape of the ball.

As a child Naismith played a game with his childhood buddies. The game was called, “Duck on a rock”. The game necessitated “a goal with a horizontal opening high enough so that the ball would have to be tossed into it, rather than being thrown.” Naismith confronted the university Janitor, wondering if he could hang two 18 inch cardboard boxes at the height of 10 feet each, which just so happened to be the height of each balcony rail. With Cardboard boxes now on each end of the gymnasium, the janitor then attached peach boxes towards the bottoms of each cardboard box to make the goals, they would assign someone at each end to collect the ball from the peach baskets. It wasn’t until a few years later that they would eventually cut the bottoms of the peach baskets for the ball to fall through the basket. Basketball officially became a sport in the year 1905.

Finally, basketball has evolved much more since the early 1900’s. The rules are much more advanced now from then. As well as the type of ball and goals that they use.

Evolution of Basketball