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Public Schools vs. Homeschool

Hello I’m Sarah and I’ve been public schooled and homeschooled. For me homeschooling was the best decision my parents made for me because I got the one on one learning that I needed. In this essay I’m going to be talking about and describing the differences between public schools and homeschools, and many of the challenges each of them have.

Being homeschooled can be great for a kid that has trouble learning or fitting in. The teaching that a homeschooler receives is usually from a parent, and that’s the best part, your parents know you. They know what your strengths and weaknesses are so it’s easier for you to learn from them. Another great thing is that you don’t care what you like or how you act; you can act as goofy as you want because there is no nobody around to judge you.

Now don’t get me wrong there are many good qualities that public schools have too. Public schools have a more disciplined learning environment to teach you how to be responsible, such as being to school on time and turning in assignments when they are due. One other good quality would have to be that you get to learn in a big classroom with other kids, so it’s easier to make and have friends.

Some of the challenges that public schools have is that they just don’t care anymore. The teachers don’t care they’re like “if you pass, you pass”, and that’s wrong for the kids that really need help; the teachers of the public schools are failing our future. Homeschoolers have challenges as well. Some homeschoolers are very shy and because of this they are labeled as anti-social. Other homeschoolers are very outgoing and goofy; they labeled as weird and annoying. So if we’re shy we’re weird, if we’re outgoing we’re weird, so basically we can’t win in society because let’s just face it, homeschooling isn’t normal.

What I would like to see in the future is that public schools will hire better teachers that are involved with their students. As far as homeschoolers in the future, I would like to see that they are no longer outcasts and that they are accepted for who they are and where they go to school. They way to do this is to stop stereotyping people, being kind to one another, and not letting society tell you what to do when you know what’s right.


By Sarah Espinoza

Gang Activity and Street Violence

My topic is the history on gang activity and street violence. Violent crimes occur in all cities throughout the United States. 1.4 million people were involved in gangs that started in 2011, and more than 33,000 gangs formed all over the United States. Gangs started in urban areas, like Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, and New York. Throughout time, they migrated to other American cities. Violent crimes have continued for a long time. They are not going to stop. Once a gang member gets ranked into that family, that individual has to learn every aspect of living in the streets. He learns how to survive, how to protect his friends’ back, and of course how to make drug deals get organized correctly. Another important task is gangsters have to tag their gang name on buildings, walls, etc, and most importantly, they must advertise to the public worldwide. The solution people can do is assist, or respectfully convince that certain person to get involved in counseling. A parent can also spend quality time with their teenage child, and of course talk to him or her, explaining in a caring manner there is better hobbies to do to succeed in life.

 Augustine Qiunonez

Tropes Against Women: Leading Out of Oppression in Media

Education means to lead out of not knowing to knowing. Women in video games (and in general) have been treated Inferior and or Object of Sexual desire. It’s a reoccurring theme in history and media. Education of this problem can lead to Gender Equality and overall acceptance of others and their differences.
Female Oppression has been around in one form or another. In the earliest civilizations sex was seen as sinful some men felt animosity toward women who provoked their sexual desires. Female oppression stems from when women were considered a property or commodity. In parts of the Middle East women are still seen as property. (1)
In the earliest video games women were seen as “Damsels in Distress” or objects. Occasionally women are still portrayed as weaker, sexual objects, or carbon copies of established male characters. In more recent years,  games have been more open to the idea of” girl gamers ”by including more Playable Female Characters in videogames, but in  an ensemble cast there is often a small handful of playable female characters, that are often oversexualized (Armor/Clothing, Body Figure) (2,4)
There are no easy solutions to this ongoing problem, but there are possible solutions, like including more women into the creative process. Some have proposed “Equal Opportunity Sexual Objectification” as a possible solution (Mostly as a Joke). But others have suggested a more diverse range of Playable Female Characters (Body type, ethnicity and background).  Anita Sarkeesan has been at the forefront of gender equality in media, she has a web series, “Tropes vs Women” out lining the reoccurring tropes against women in media. (2,3,4)
Unfortunately this seems to be an ongoing problem that has no clear cut answer, but as long there are people shining a light to this problem, it will start a conversation about gender equality and how people should be viewed and/or portrayed. In the end People should be treated as equals regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation. (3)


To Lead Out of Child Abuse 

We live in a complex world that suffers from a large reported number of child abuse cases. Child abuse is a growing problem in the nation. We could lead out of child abuse with better care and further studies in education.

Child abuse has a lengthy history. Children have been subject to abuse by their parent’s or other adult’s for many years. Laws have failed to protect children from abuse. In the early 1870’s, child abuse captured the nation’s eyes with the new of an eight year old orphan names Mary Ellen Wilson. Mary Ellen was suffering daily whippings and beatings at her foster home. With no organization in existence the orphan’s plight went to an attorney for the “American society for the prevention of cruelty to animals”, also known as (ASPCA). This attorney argued that laws protecting animals from abuse should not be greater than the laws protecting children. In 1974, the nation made a federal law to penalize child abuse and create the prevention and treatment act also known as (CAPTA). Child abuse in America today is more common each year. More than three million reports of child abuse are made which involve almost six million children, and each day four to five children are killed by abuse and neglect.

Circumstances that make child abuse worse are children whose parents abuse alcohol and drugs. Children are three times more likely to be abused and four times more likely to be neglected. Another factor that affects the problem is parenting stress. Examples of parenting stress could be post-partum depression, economic stability, or divorce/ relationship stress. All these problems could put both child and parent in dangerous situations. Malnourishment is a type of abuse caused by the neglect of the guardian/parent. Another form of abuse that often goes unnoticed is mental abuse. Not all abuse that happens to children has to be physical. A solution that could help stop child abuse is to have more education and awareness. By becoming more educated you are aware with what is happening and notice the problem. Parenting classes could help parents learn more about their child, what to expect and how it’s normal for children to act out in certain ways. Other things that could help is for a parent with substance abuse problems to seek assistance through AA meetings, or other rehabilitation services. The most effective solution could be to set more powerful laws and punishment so that offenders know the justice system is serious and not going to let them go with a slap on the wrist. With all these solutions, child abuse can soon be eradicated from the nation and with the help and focus of every one we can lead out of child abuse. Child abuse is an important problem to have concern about because children are going to be the feature leaders and make a better country. They are the brains to build a new world and create a better living environment. We are their role models. If we teach them nothing but abuse and hate, they will grow to learn that is the only way in life. Child abuse is awful because children are innocent and cannot speak for themselves. As a nation we need to stand up and be advocates for the youth and lead out of the barbaric acts of hate towards children.





How to Stay on a Successful Path

How to stay on a successful path? Well, I want to be led out of the negative things that seem too keep others behind. Some people like to stay with the same people, doing the same things but, I would like to overcome that issue in my life.

Some of the history problems about being successful are age, toxic people, negative people, also the fear to overcome success. If you are too scared to overcome success you will stay behind. Successful people tend to fail a lot and learn from their mistakes that’s why they become successful.

Therefore, some things that people say or follow will reflect you and your past. So keep thinking positive and don’t follow, be a leader. If, your friends or family are negative against you you’re most likely to be negative as well. So the people you’re around you start to adapt their characteristics.

Finally, the root too success is to always to stay positive and keep improving. Anything is possible when you stay on a steady successful path. Stay focused on doing hard work and getting it done. Once, you accomplished being successful you will always be patient and positive. Patience’s and positivity is a virtue of being successful.

Behavior, is a very big impact on your consequences so choose wisely who you hang with and communicate with. Positive behavior is very powerful and effective tool to be a successful person. A positive person will motivate a negative person. A desire for a negative person is exhibited to everybody.

Animal Cruelty


In my opinion I think animal cruelty is abusive. Studies have shown people who abuse animals are likely to become serial killers. Animal abuse is related to other types of abuse–1 in 4 women are victims of domestic violence. Also in shelters 71% of women reported their partner threatened to hurt or kill the family pet.

Animal advocacy started with the Royal Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals which was founded in 1824. It began with a man named Richard Martin who wanted to give domestic animals protection.  He started this foundation because he said “animals have certain rights”. He was a very passionate man.

Second, Animal abuse results from people with traumatic childhood. Patterns of animal cruelty consistent among perpetrators of common forms of abuse such as child abuse, spouse abuse and elder abuse. Also the F.B.I. analyzed that serial killers have killed or tortured animals and kids. It makes it worse because animal cruelty is not inherent, but learned.

Finally, some solutions that are possible are education campaigns, and teach a child while they are still young on how to treat an animal. Lack of education is a big problem. Also stress, anxiety, and boredom lead to people engaging in inappropriate behavior.

In conclusion, Everyone that abuses animals or children should get mental help. Society should care about this because we need a better world and peace. In other countries it is legal to slaughter animals for the meat industry. This is very inhumane and we should all try to find a solution for that.

Foster Care 

For many years foster children have had hard times to make it where they are known. Many run away or are from abusive familes. They choose to run to this association for help. Many foster children do great with another family others cause problems. Only 10% of foster children graduate from college.

In the history of foster care, it has changed millions of children’s lives. In the year 1562, they started laws that made these kids into indentured servants. The first foster kid (Benjamin Eaton) found homes for children who were sleeping in the streets of New York in the year 1636. Later on in the 1900s the association began to supervise the families and the children.

Foster homes are supportive and providing to the people who need help. The association helps find homes and families for the people who need them the most. The main support is achieving safety, performance and the wellbeing for the youth. Many homes are a shaky foundation for loss, despair, confusion, that make children leave. Foster care has a deep understanding in its ground breaking performance.

The solutions to these problems is to provide a safe, stable, nurturing environment for youth. The working process of this association has different rules and regulations and procedures to follow.  The solutions to changing the challenge with young adults is to have a adequate, appropriate, and caring support.

My opinion about foster care is it helps change people’s lives. It shows that they are supportive in everything possible. They give teens a reason to believe so they can have a better life. Millions of foster kids are here in the world and don’t know where to go for support. This association will help people and give them better life’s.

Lauren Ross

History Of Acceptance

This world is challenging in so many different ways. We still we go on our life journey, and we depend on society to see the way. In particular, society’s acceptance of gays is evolving, like all the new scientific research and taking out all the school biases. It’s becoming easier to keep peace in our world. We, as a society, can work together to show that the world isn’t as bad a place as the Westburrow Baptist Church tends to preach.

    Biases in our schools on same sex marriage can vary. There was a change in our public schools to completely take religion out because it created too much hatred and too many biases. America was created for freedom of religion. However, there’s also a side saying America was founded on Christianity. There are private schools built for religious beliefs, which really cause separation of our people and makes hatred in America. However the laws of freedom also make it so those places can exist.

    The science behind homosexuality can vary in so many different ways, and it’s argued in so many different ways. There is the idea that people were raised gay, and then there’s the people who believe it’s a science. I believe its science. In 1991, Simon LeVay studied the brains of homosexuals and the brains of heterosexuals, and discovered that a side of the heterosexual’s brain is larger than a homosexual’s brain, so there’s been scientific research that helps prove that homosexuals are born the way they are.

     As we all know there are a lot of different churches in America, some that hate the world some that think we’re all crazy and some that think that god hates the world. Researchers estimate that there are approximately 300,000 Christian churches in America with approximately 56 million worshipers. The bible mainly states that if you don’t believe in god the exact perfect way, that you are going to go to a horrible place with demons, fire, and suffer forever, but there is that percentage of the rest of the world that understand the world is a better place.

    The moral of this essay is that America was founded on freedom and change. Our founding fathers wanted Americans to be happy and live in a world with less hatred. Slowly but surely we’re moving to a free and equal world.

Joshua Lancaster

Prejudice and Discrimination

In today’s society, we live in a world of complex issues. We are facing the difficult decisions in every day life’s tribulations. In particular, America has been plagued by prejudice and discrimination.

Oppression has been defined as the following:

*It is institutional power that is historically formed and perpetuated over time;

*It allows certain “groups” of people to assume a dominate position over “other groups” and this dominance is maintained and continued at an institutional level.

This means discrimination is built into the branches of government and education systems.

In the last two hundred years, great strides have been made in order to create equality amongst the many different minorities that inhabit our great country. Periods such as the Civil rights movement have been successful in reducing the amount of oppression, but have failed in creating equality for all races. For example, white Americans’ still have the overwhelming control of all aspects of our society.

So in conclusion, racial oppression has played a major role in shaping America today. Although progress has been made to eradicate this from society it still remains one of the most important issues today. Only through education and informing the public can we totally overcome this atrocity.


Edmund S. Evensen


Resources: The Washington, Power, Privilege, and, What states can do to stop racial discrimination by Hans A. Von Spakovsky and Roger Clegg. 


The three most common biological relationships; mutualistic, commensual, and parasitic. A mutualistic relationship is one that benefits both sides of the party. A commensal relationship is a neutral relationship, where it doesn’t benefit, nor harm you and the other person. A parasitic realtionship creates harm, and is only beneficial to the ‘parasite’.

In my life, one example of a mutualistic relationship is one that I share with my daughter. We thrive together, myself giving her love and care and getting the same in return. Our relationship is beneficial to the both of us.

An example of a commensal relationship in my life are the many people in my classrooms everyday. I don’t mind any of them, they don’t mind me, so it is very neutral. In my previous relationship, both of us were parasites in different ways which caused a great deal of harm and our seperation.

In our lives, many relationships come and go with time. It is important to keep those mutualistic bonds, because they are the most beneficial to our well-being and happiness.


Simon Williams
Student, level III Language Arts