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Using Creative Ways to Learn Vocabulary in a Beginner English Language Acquisition Class

These are some of the collages they created and the sentences they came up with:

 The river sounds relaxing.

 The orange feels smooth.

The landscape looks beautiful.

As English Language Acquisition (ELA) instructors, we are always looking for ways to engage our English Language Learners (ELLs) to learn new vocabulary words and also to express their creativity, especially when they are learning new words and trying to gain confidence to express themselves. One of the techniques that we have been using with our students is to create collages to express their ideas and to learn English while they are having fun. For that reason, this past Wednesday the teacher encourage students to create a collage to learn about about sensory words and how to describe things. Each student was assigned one of the senses to make a collage.Then the students had to write a sentence about each picture. The instructor wrote the sentences on the board and the whole class helped to edit the sentences.The target vocabulary were the sensory verbs: it looks, sounds, feels, etc. At first the students were skeptical about the activity as making collages was something they used to do when they were kids. However, they had a blast during the process and with the results of the activity. They  learned new words, and practiced all the English skills in one activity.


New Student Orientation on August 14th

We are getting ready for the next Student Orientation at the Taos Education & Career Center.

For students interested in attending High School Equivalency classes, the orientation will be on August 14th at 9:00 am at 115 Civic Plaza Drive. For students interested in English as a Second Language, the orientation will take place the same day during the evening at 5:00 pm.  Please come and learn about our services! We offer great classes free of cost.

Everybody is invited!

If you have any questions, please call us at 575-737-3730 or email us at For information in Spanish please call at 575-7799299.

We are looking forward hearing from you!


The Hero’s Journey Radio Show on KNCE 93.5 FM

Welcome to the Hero’s Journey Radio Show! This is a community radio show hosted by the Taos Education & Career Center the last Tuesday of the month from 9-10 am on KNCE 93.FM. Nina Gonzales and Montserrat Oyanedel-Tolmo are the two radio hosts that give life to this incredible social experiment, that focuses on spreading the word about the amazing people that are part of our program and their educational journey. As guests, we had local and international (English as a Second Language) students, board members, volunteers, teachers, and community personalities that work with TECC.

Please listen some of the shows that we were able to record. We hope you enjoy them!

Hero’s Journey Radio Show July 2016

Hero’s Journey Radio Show September 2016

Hero’s Journey Radio Show October 2016

Hero’s Journey Radio Show March 2017

Hero’s Journey Radio Show April 2017

Hero’s Journey Radio Show May 2017

Hero’s Journey Radio Show June 2017

Classes are Back in Session

After a holiday break and orientation, students at the Taos Education and Career Center (TECC) were back in class this week for the fourth session.

TECC assists students, age 16 and up, to prepare for their high school equivalency exams and what else they need to have a career. ESL classes are held in the evening.

On Wednesday, the Reading and Writing for Career Pathways class, co-taught by Nina Gonzales and Joan Livingston, got down to reading basics, such as finding the main idea and supporting details quickly in non-fiction text. They also worked with novels and briefly shared their experiences about reading.

The students also did career exploration on the Web via the computer lab and tablets.

Thursday and Friday, many of the same students have social studies and science classes, plus math.

So what careers are the students’ interested in pursuing? They range from the medical field, cosmetology, culinary arts, law enforcement, tattoo artistry to being business owners. TECC’s center will do its best to help them fulfill their dreams.

TECC is located at 115 Civic Plaza Drive, Taos. Phone: (575) 737-6200.