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How People Can Be Happier

The main way to become happy is always put yourself first. By doing that you will be able to see what you need to work on – if it’s either work, family, or friends. Setbacks don’t define you. If you’re getting set back for whatever reason, it may be time to focus on what is happening instead of what’s not. Out of difficulties grow new beginnings. The setbacks you face can prepare you for what’s ahead. Always think about what the future holds for you, not just what you want or need in the moment.



Adriana Rojas Cruz
Student, level III Language Arts

On Civil Rights

The civil rights movement, at it’s core, began in the 1770’s when colonists in the thirteen colonies fought for their rights against Great Britain. During this time, a war was fought between the United States and Great Britain, and upon emerging victorious, the United States wrote the Declaration of Independence in 1776. This document included a Bill of Rights and several articles that were meant to give all Americans a set of equal rights.

Since then, many civil rights movements have emerged. All of these movements were successful to some degree, and all of them failed to completely provide equal rights for that particular demographic. Despite any differences in any of the groups that advocated for civil rights, the rights they demanded were all the same. All of the rights being fought for at the time, and to this day, revolved around equality.

This idea of equality goes back to the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. One of these movements was the black rights movement, which eventually led to the Civil Rights Act being passed in 1964. One could argue that thus, the movement was successful. However, even today, there is still plenty of discrimination against blacks in the United States. Does this then mean that the movement failed despite all it’s efforts? No. Although not everything that was being sought after by the movement was achieved, a lot was achieved.

Another example of this same result is the woman’s rights movement. Although woman are now equal to men in many ways, there is still discrimination against them based on their gender. Whether it be unspoken social rules and etiquette to measurable, tangible discrimination, like unequal pay amongst men and women doing the same jobs.

The reason those movements achieved so much but still failed to completely provide equality to everyone living in America is because so long as there is new generations of Americans forming their own personal opinions on how rights should be granted, these movements will never be over. For every civil rights activist fighting for equality, there will always be someone with an apposing opinion trying to stop these movements.

No civil rights movement either completely failed or completely succeeded, nor will it ever. At least that’s what history’s taught us so far.



Equity vs Equality


Equity is the quality of being fair and impartial.
In this illustration the author depicts a picture of all three persons being content, happy, and enjoying the game, all three can see over the fence and are engaged in the game.

Equality is the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities. In the illustration all three persons are of equal opportunity, all given a box to stand on and watch the game. As we can see, all three are not very engaged. Even though all are given equal it seems that it might not be the most fair.

I think that the opinion of Equity and Equality differs because I feel that in different situations the value of opinions differ. Some people’s opportunities may differ purely because everyone’s situations are not the same.


Heather LeDoux
Level 3 HSE Student

Announcing: Career Pathways!

The Adult Learning Center (ALC) now includes Career Pathways programming for Taos County. We serve under-prepared learners and workers, both with and without high school diplomas, in obtaining meaningful and supportive careers.


The three components of the Career Pathways programming are career infused academic classrooms, direct participation with employers and with post-secondary institutions, and explicit professionalism and life skills training. Students will develop a Career Portfolio, explore college and career training options, participate in job shadowing and internships, and learn health and financial literacy skills.

The complexity of today’s world demands that students not only learn academic and technical skills, but also understand how to problem solve, efficiently communicate, and develop a sense of self-efficacy. Career Pathways provides a platform from which students can make the leap into personal and professional success.

Taos News article about us

Great description of our work in The Taos News on October 6, 2015.

“We want to make education as relevant as we can, with the main goal to improve students’ actual lives,” Hofer said. “We are helping the students see it as a way to prepare themselves for a better future. We want them to see the connection between taking classes here and pursuing a career they love. It’s more than just getting a diploma — it’s about building a new life.

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