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On Project-Based Learning

The Taos Education and Career Center is closed this week, March 13-17, due to spring break. But last week students who participated in project-based learning activities reported on their experiences.

Students were linked with local businesses and agencies tied to their career interests. They gave presentations to their colleagues.

Seth, who is interested in working as a game warden, met with Cheron Ferland, a wildlife biologist at the Carson National Forest’s ranger station in Tres Piedras. Seth reported he went out in the field with Cheron and another staffer.

Fabiana and Shawnie met with Rima Ralff, a therapist at NonviolenceWorks. Both students want to help others who are struggling with problems.

Madison and Curtis toured UNM-Taos’ new medical training center next door. Madison is interested in neuroscience while Curtis wants to work as an emergency medical technician.

Ryan and Aliyah visited Guerilla Graphix, where owner Travis Parkin told them about the ins and outs, pluses and minuses of owning a business.

Corwynn, who wants to be a truck driver, had a one-on-one with Max Kaufman, who leads UNM-Taos’ CDL Program.

Thank you, professionals, for sharing your insights with out students.

How People Can Be Happier

The main way to become happy is always put yourself first. By doing that you will be able to see what you need to work on – if it’s either work, family, or friends. Setbacks don’t define you. If you’re getting set back for whatever reason, it may be time to focus on what is happening instead of what’s not. Out of difficulties grow new beginnings. The setbacks you face can prepare you for what’s ahead. Always think about what the future holds for you, not just what you want or need in the moment.



Adriana Rojas Cruz
Student, level III Language Arts

Taos News article about us

Great description of our work in The Taos News on October 6, 2015.

“We want to make education as relevant as we can, with the main goal to improve students’ actual lives,” Hofer said. “We are helping the students see it as a way to prepare themselves for a better future. We want them to see the connection between taking classes here and pursuing a career they love. It’s more than just getting a diploma — it’s about building a new life.

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