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Public Schools vs. Homeschool

Hello I’m Sarah and I’ve been public schooled and homeschooled. For me homeschooling was the best decision my parents made for me because I got the one on one learning that I needed. In this essay I’m going to be talking about and describing the differences between public schools and homeschools, and many of the challenges each of them have.

Being homeschooled can be great for a kid that has trouble learning or fitting in. The teaching that a homeschooler receives is usually from a parent, and that’s the best part, your parents know you. They know what your strengths and weaknesses are so it’s easier for you to learn from them. Another great thing is that you don’t care what you like or how you act; you can act as goofy as you want because there is no nobody around to judge you.

Now don’t get me wrong there are many good qualities that public schools have too. Public schools have a more disciplined learning environment to teach you how to be responsible, such as being to school on time and turning in assignments when they are due. One other good quality would have to be that you get to learn in a big classroom with other kids, so it’s easier to make and have friends.

Some of the challenges that public schools have is that they just don’t care anymore. The teachers don’t care they’re like “if you pass, you pass”, and that’s wrong for the kids that really need help; the teachers of the public schools are failing our future. Homeschoolers have challenges as well. Some homeschoolers are very shy and because of this they are labeled as anti-social. Other homeschoolers are very outgoing and goofy; they labeled as weird and annoying. So if we’re shy we’re weird, if we’re outgoing we’re weird, so basically we can’t win in society because let’s just face it, homeschooling isn’t normal.

What I would like to see in the future is that public schools will hire better teachers that are involved with their students. As far as homeschoolers in the future, I would like to see that they are no longer outcasts and that they are accepted for who they are and where they go to school. They way to do this is to stop stereotyping people, being kind to one another, and not letting society tell you what to do when you know what’s right.


By Sarah Espinoza

What’s it like to get your HSE?

In 2014, the GED® underwent the most dramatic changes since it’s inception. First, we no longer call it the “GED”. The new name is the High School Equivalency (HSE). Students can now take one of two tests to obtain their HSE credentials. The GED® (now owned by Pearson) or the HiSET (offered by the non-profit Educational Testing Services).

Second, the test is now 3-4 times as difficult as it once was and gone are the days of obtaining your HSE credentials in a matter of weeks. Generally, students now stay with us for a minimum of a year, although it varies widely, depending on the individual. Once a student comes in and does an initial assessment with us, we can get a better sense of how long they will need to prepare.

The positive side of this change is that the respect given by colleges, businesses, and the community at large to the HSE has greatly increased. The difficulty of the test is designed to insure that, once you pass, you are college ready. Our nation is now recognizing that passing this test is no small feat and is a meaningful credential!

Students generally find the Math section to be the most difficult, as you now have to be able to perform quadratic equations and other basic algebraic functions. Others breeze through Math but find the other subjects-Language Arts (reading and writing), Social Studies, and Science more challenging. Every mind is different.


Luckily, ALC is one of the top performing programs in the state! We have professional, friendly, and highly skilled teachers. Our small class sizes allow for individualized attention. Preparation for the exams is an integral part of our academic courses, and is offered in both Spanish and English. In addition, our evening ESL Civics Engagement course bolsters English skills while simultaneously assisting immigrants with career and college preparation. A Distance Education platform is available for those in treatment centers or who are otherwise unable to attend classes. We provide 1:1 tutoring, achievement coaching, and individualized learning plans for all of our students.