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New Age of Education

Students taking the Reading and Writing for Career Pathways class wrote letters to the editor about their learning experiences at the Taos Education & Career Center (formerly the Adult Learning Center @ UNM-Taos). The center will have a ribbon-cutting ceremony and celebration to honor its new name and expanded mission Thursday (Dec. 1), 5-8 p.m. at the Town of Taos Civic Center, 120 Civic Plaza Drive.

Ashley Billie, a recent TECC grad, wrote this piece.

Taos residents, we are at the dawn of the new age in regards to adult education in Taos County. Located in the heart of town is a building called TECC (Taos Education & Career Center), previously named the Adult Learning Center. TECC has given me opportunities that I didn’t know were available, and being that it is a free program makes the biggest difference.

I am 24 years old, Taos Pueblo, a Native American resident born and raised in Taos. I have seen many changes in our adult education over the past 10 years, and TECC is a highly educated college readiness program providing support and educational resources to transition you from taking your High School Equivalency (HSE). Whatever point you are in your life, TECC is ready and always willing to help you find what and when you are ready to higher your education.

As a Taos resident, I found it difficult, as well as many others, to be in a “normal” school system. It just wasn’t for me.

During my sophomore year in high school, I became a mother to a beautiful baby girl. Unfortunately, my education became the least of my priorities, and high school was no longer an option. Providing financially and emotionally for my daughter became my life.

For seven years I kept procrastinating. After the birth of my son and many years of not going to school, I then became immersed in deep thought and came to the realization for my kids to have a future and possibly have great careers I would have to be a role model with just as much determination as them in making “our” dreams come true.

Enrolling in the TECC program is the best decision of my life. TECC has provided me with the support and knowledge to continue my career pathway in criminal justice and achieve my HSE.

The TECC staff has very hands-on learning techniques and in my opinion are the best. We have the same goals in common “achieving higher knowledge” and being successful at what we strive to be.

With society always trying to advance the ways we think and feel, TECC is a great program to start with. TECC is a nonprofit organization with highly dedicated teachers who hope to help as many individuals in adult education as possible.

I, as well as others, am so grateful for everything the TECC programs and staff have done for us. Thank you.

Students share their learning experiences

Students at the Taos Education and Career Center (TECC) have a lot to share about their learning experiences. And they got to do just that in their Reading and Writing for Career Pathways class, when they wrote letters to the editor as an assignment.

The Taos News published the first batch of letters in the Nov. 17 edition. Now they are available online. Here is the link: Letters in The Taos News

Another batch will be published in the Nov. 23 edition. Thanks to The Taos News for its support.

We will also be sending other letters to livetaos.com.

As you can read, the students in this class — Nina Gonzales and I co-teach — have had varied experiences. But they feel they have found a rewarding and safe environment at TECC where they can achieve their High School Equivalency and prepare for college or tech school, if that’s their chosen path.

Perhaps you know someone who could benefit from attending TECC. Perhaps you want to get involved in its expanded mission.

TECC will celebrate its new name (it used to be call the Adult Learning Center) at a ribbon cutting and reception Thursday, Dec. 1, 5 to 8 p.m., across the street at the Town of Taos Civic Center, 120 Civic Plaza Drive. There will be music, food, and a chance to meet the staff and students.

—Joan Livingston